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Thousands of people pay for information everyday that is available for free. Information on birth records, death records, marriage, driving records and more can usually be found via the internet for free if you just know where to search. We offer searches to find people and public records for free, that's right FREE.

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Countless hours are put into researching the internet for access to public records and we offer this all to you at no cost to find people free. Our goal is to help people, not get rich off of them. Search for all the information you like and never pay us one cent. You will find pages from links on your left that cover several categories of finding someone using court records, land records, vital statistics and census data, plus you can use the local sites listed there to locate a person from others in the area.

What we offer:

  • Free People Search
  • Free Public Record Information
  • Reverse Email Look-up
  • Reverse Address Look-up
  • Reverse Phone Number Look-up
  • White Pages Search
  • Sex Offender Information Searches
  • Death Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage License and Divorce Decree Copies
  • and more...

We offer real free searches for public record information, free email lookup, free reverse address lookup, free phone number locator and white page searches. Find court records, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce records, adoption records and more. We list hundreds of FREE public information record searches.

When to use public records to find people

Some records are subject to being unavailable or or could be restricted by a government authority. Records you get online may be older or delayed; verify any signature dates, not the date it was filed. The most current information will be about people who are involved in court cases and property ownership which found on official sites or by calling the clerk of the court. Find information about your local search options from the pages on the left.

Not sure of what or how to search what you are looking for? Want to ask questions on searching for free public records? You may visit us here to ask question and get advice: Str82u Answers. Some of the research tools to use include county jail inmate search with a facility locator to find people in jail and a free address lookup.

We are always updating our information, however you cannot find something that you are looking for please contact us. Let us help you search for the information you need.

If you find any link that is not working correctly please contact the webmaster.

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